AquaForm offers sills for windows that allow water to drain to the outside of the building. This system sits at the bottom part of the window only and is designed to keep water and air from getting inside the building. Our sills are effective against wind-driven rain, window washing, melting ice or snow, and any form of precipitation.

AquaForm Produces Quality Products

A high-quality sill that’s been properly manufactured will reduce mold and mildew inside commercial buildings. Our .050 aluminum sills are made off the job site, saving you time and money on every project. With our prefabricated sills, you can reduce your construction time without sacrificing quality. All of our products are part of the Green Initiative and provide an energy-efficient solution for builders.

AquaForm Enclosures

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  • Made from aluminum to reduce rusting and stains from the typical metal used to fabricate sills
  • Correct dimensions based on the approved window shop drawings you submit
  • Funnel water away from the inside of the building through the weep holes
  • Patent-pending #385.00765
  • Expedite your construction schedules
  • Dry-in design for ultimate convenience

Other Products

Rough Opening Enclosure

Enclosure With Baffles

Order Our Lightweight Sills for Your Next Project

If you’re a commercial builder or project manager and need high-quality sills manufactured for your next building project, get in touch with the team at AquaForm today. We can discuss your project and answer your questions about our products, processes, and ordering. With our prefabricated sills, you will meet your project deadlines and continue construction while the sills dry in place.

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