Rough Opening Enclosure

Our basic rough opening enclosure is designed to enclose the cavity of the wall where windows, doors, and louvers are located. This design eliminates the typical 20-24 gauge stainless steel flashing that seals off the cavity.

Benefits of the AquaForm System

What’s typically done today is flat sheet metal is cut into 4 pieces, a bed sealant is applied and fastened into the opening with screws, then the corners are sealed with sealant. This design is problematic. First, if there are voids in the bed sealant, it gives a direct path for water to travel into the building, especially if the inner bead of sealant is adhered to the metal flashing instead of the air barrier in the return. Second, during window installation, the corner sealant is damaged from shims being driven between the window assembly and metal flashing, causing the sealant to split in the corners. Third, damage to the peel and stick flashing can occur.

Since the corners aren’t welded, if damage occurs to the corner sealant, water can travel through the corners into the building or into the window assembly head. Aquaform has no corners to leak through as they are either a formed bend or fully welded in the corner. The laps are sealed and none are placed in the bottom. Aquaform is welded, making a strong watertight enclosure to help with material compatibility issues. Welds are placed where two materials can come in contact like the outer edge where the air barrier and window sealant tie together. Other benefits include saving time on easy window replacements, reducing schedule time, reducing equipment rental cost for insulation, and reducing the risk of injury. Since they are prefabricated, our personnel isn’t using grinders or cutters that can cause injuries. You get a constant opening size throughout the project, reducing the risk for potential leaks now and in the future. These are just some of the benefits. They work so good you’re going to want to touch yourself.

AquaForm Enclosures

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  • Monolithic frames with welded seams
  • Off-site fabrication for more efficient installation
  • Faster production with a dry-in feature
  • Decreases cases of mold and mildew by eliminating leaks
  • Reduces construction costs and completion times
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Compatible with most air barriers and waterproofing systems
  • Diminish leaks caused by fasteners
  • Eliminate gaps between the metal frame and the rough opening assembly

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High-Quality Craftsmanship for Your Next Project

If you are a commercial builder or project manager, please reach out to the experts at AquaForm today. We are happy to speak with you about our rough opening enclosure design and go over the process of how we manufacture aluminum frames off site. When you work with our company, you will have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a lightweight, high-quality frame that offers long-lasting results. Our product has hemmed edges, seamless joints, and is sealed prior to delivery as well as on installation for the best results.

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