Rough Opening Enclosure
With Baffles

This model is similar to the rough opening enclosure, except it is designed with holes in the bottom that allow any trapped water to drain out and away from the building. This design offers two-stage weep baffles that funnel water into a cavity within the building rather than inside the structure itself. Also, the enclosure’s design prevents bugs from getting into the system and blocking the weep. Commercial contractors trust our products because they offer an environmentally friendly design that offers long-lasting results.

Why Choose AquaForm

Our products are superior to traditional metal flashing because they remove variables and missteps that are common with on-site production. AquaForm manufactures the flashing off site, which eliminates the need to fasten and seal two pieces of metal together. It is made from one single sheet of flashing that we bend and seal in our facility. With our products, you can eliminate the unnecessary gap between the rough opening assembly and metal. Gaps like this have been a proven weak point in a traditional watertight system that has a high risk of leaking due to inconsistent corner beads.

AquaForm Enclosures

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  • Reduces the risk of mold and mildew
  • Combats against water intrusion in positive and negative air pressure events
  • Eliminates waterproofing and joint sealant necessary for standard flashing
  • Replaces the typical 20-24 gauge stainless steel flashing with lightweight .050 aluminum
  • Certified AAMA 511
  • Pre-sealed bent laps for leak resistance
  • Built-in baffles to keep water away from rough openings
  • Patent-pending #385.00765

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Rough Opening


Quality You Can Trust

AquaForm’s products are the ultimate catchall solution for the prevention of leaking windows and door frames. Our system has proven to effectively seal window and door enclosures, making it virtually impossible for water to enter the building. Instead, our rough enclosures with baffles will prevent water intrusion as well as prevent rust and corrosion that is associated with ferrous metal flashing. When you use our system, you can trust that you will get high-quality craftsmanship that lasts.

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