Building Assurance

The first of its kind, AquaForm is a prefabricated system of solutions
to water intrusion within the Building Envelope.

Finally—An Effective Solution to Leaking Windows and Doors

AquaForm is a unique and more innovative way to treat rough opening closures. In current construction, the rough opening assembly’s dryline depends on the outside sealant bead from the assembly to the veneer or air barrier. This application causes the rough opening assembly to be located inside the dryline of the building. With this approach, the AquaForm will be placed in the middle of an air barrier system and a sealant bead, giving it better control of the direction, in which the water diverts. If the sealant bead or air barrier system fails to perform, which is a possibility, the water gets captured in the cavity at the bottom of the AquaForm system.

Technical Information

One of our goals with the AquaForm system was to create a watertight and airtight system that is compatible with most waterproofing and air barrier systems. It has the ability to combat water intrusion in both positive and negative air pressure events.

AquaForm Guarantee